Speaking on a radio program, Cheung said there are no strict requirements of resuming the customs between three places. He did not rule out that vaccination can be one of the conditions.

“As some listed premises can reopen, the public should not relax in the coming few days.”

Under the relaxation of anti-epidemic measures, the government requests the citizens to use the application “LeaveHomeSafe”.

Cheung told the public not to be worried about the application downloaded by 640,000 people as of Friday.

“The government strongly protects the citizens’ privacy, which will delete the information in the application within 30 days,” Cheung said. “The government cannot access the data of the application.”

As for the mandatory testing for certain groups of people, Cheung said the government could handle the sudden increase of coronavirus testing since its inspection capabilities are improving.

Cheung said the surprise lockdown is necessary, as a single confirmed coronavirus case can still spread the virus. “The government will raise the number of disciplinary forces to work on confirmed case tracking."

Yet, he is still uncertain whether there will be surprise lockdowns after the lunar new year holiday.