Paper straws found to contain long-lasting and potentially toxic chemicals - study

Paper straws contain potentially toxic chemicals which could pose a risk to people, wildlife and the environment, a study has found.

Recent European research indicates that the majority of paper straws, often touted as an "eco-friendly" alternative to plastic, contain potentially harmful chemicals known as PFAS.

These long-lasting substances, discovered in 18 out of 20 brands studied, have been linked to several health concerns.

Although their concentrations in the straws are low, consistent exposure could lead to accumulation in the human body.

Notably, PFAS are used in various products for their resistance to water, heat, and stains. Dr. Thimo Groffen of the University of Antwerp suggests using steel straws or avoiding straws entirely.

He points out that while plant-based straws may be marketed as sustainable, the presence of PFAS challenges this claim



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