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Bajans go to the polls today, January 19, 2022

Just two months after removing the British Queen as its sovereign by becoming a Republic, Barbados is today, Wednesday, January 19, 2022, holding general elections called by Prime Minister Mia A. Mottley.

Throne Speech: Long overdue Constitutional Review ‘moving forward this year’

Buried beneath a mountain of legislative plans for 2022, as revealed in the Speech from the Throne, the Virgin Islands' status on its long-overdue Constitution Review process was mentioned just once.

Postcolonial Europe: The significance of memory

The Black Lives Matter movement and migration are helping to fuel the debate about Europe’s colonial past. To what extent does colonialism still shape European society? What questions should we be asking ourselves?

Boris Johnson laughs when Ian Blackford asks if he has disrespected Covid dead

Boris Johnson mocks SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford as he asks if the prime minister is taking the British public for fools.

Hong Kong hamster cull: owners start handing over pets to officials

‘I still do not want to let it go at this moment, but there are no other solutions,’ one owner says. ‘Although it is just a hamster, it’s still a life.’

I don’t feel safe riding New York subway after Asian woman’s death: mayor

Eric Adams said when he rode the train on January 1, he called 911 to report a fight near a subway station and encountered a yelling passenger.

China drafts rules to give developers more access to escrow funds

The new rules would help developers meet debt obligations, pay suppliers and finance operations by letting them use the funds in escrow that are controlled by municipal governments with no central oversight.

Russia reveals it is discussing a joint naval exercise with Iran and China

‘Planned conference on conducting a joint naval exercise’ to take place in Iranian port of Chabahar, according to Russian navy as its ships arrive there.

Boris Johnson fights for his premiership after MP defects to Labour

Embattled prime minister refuses to step down despite defection and reports of a plot to remove him.

NY attorney general wants Trump to testify in fraud case

New York Attorney General Letitia James cites ‘significant’ new evidence in probe of ex-president, Trump Organization’s real estate.

The pandemic is birthing billionaires and killing the poor

The past two years have unleashed unprecedented economic violence.

Sweden scraps demand for negative COVID test to enter country

Travelers to Sweden will no longer be required to show a negative COVID test before entering the country, the government said on Tuesday.

Heavyweight champ to take 50% of his UFC 270 purse in Bitcoin

“After doing a lot of research on Bitcoin, I really believe it is the future of money, man. Bitcoin is valuable, secure, and no one can mess with it,” said UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Prince Andrew quits social media

Queen Elizabeth II's second son Prince Andrew has deactivated his social media accounts, users said Wednesday, as he faces a US civil case for sexual assault.

UK Hongkongers organise rally calling for press freedom following shutdown of Stand News

Hundreds of Hong Kong people living in the UK have gathered in London to protest against what they described as a loss of press freedom in their home city. The leading English newspaper SCMP Editor gave an emotional speech, reminding his audience that UK -whom arrested the journalist Julian Assange for the crime of exposing war crimes- isn’t the place to call for press freedom. We must admit that both parties are sadly right. Much of the Freedom of Press has been lost in Hong Kong in the past year, just as it has been lost also in UK in the past 8 years.

‘Citizens are not protected’: What does 2022 hold for Haiti?

The situation in Haiti has reached a crisis point amid stalled elections, rising poverty and the growing power of gangs.

Media protest restrictions on ex-officers trial in Floyd killing

News outlets, media groups say not enough people will be able to see the civil rights trial that starts on Thursday.

'Painful stuff!' - Andy Murray responds to booing fans after emotional win

Andy Murray hit back at a small number of Australian Open tennis fans who appeared to boo him after his first-round win.

Witness willing to testify she saw Prince Andrew with a ‘young girl’ at London nightclub

Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers seek her statement to counter the royal’s insistence he has never met their client or visited the club

Health department warning over vaccine mandate for NHS staff in England

Exclusive: Leaked document says data on jabs’ effectiveness against Omicron weakens case for compulsory vaccination

‘Not a colony’: Welsh council defies London to declare St David’s Day holiday

Gwynedd gives workers paid time off despite Westminster's refusal to back plans

Treasury plans crackdown on ‘misleading’ cryptocurrency ads

Move to change law would see assets subject to the same FCA rules as shares and insurance

Shock in Colombia over murder of 14-year-old indigenous activist

Breiner David Cucuñame was shot dead while on patrol with the unarmed group Indigenous Guard

Barbados PM who broke with Queen hopes for election boost

Pollsters predict comfortable win for Mia Mottley, but she faces criticism of running a ‘one-party state’

Two journalists exposing Mexico’s corruption and drug violence murdered within one week

Margarito Martínez Esquivel and José Luis Gamboa are the latest casualties in the world’s most dangerous country for reporters outside war zones

World Tourism Won't Return To Pre-Covid Levels Until 2024: UN Agency

Tourism revenue in 2020 was 72 per cent down on the previous year -- which closed with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump’s former attorney general William Barr to publish his memoirs

The book, to be published in March, will divulge details from his tenure as attorney general for George HW Bush and Trump

Venezuela to export diluted crude after 9-month pause, document shows

Venezuelan state-run oil firm PDVSA this week will resume exports of diluted crude oil (DCO) for the first time in nine months, according to a document seen by Reuters.

Unemployment rate drops to 3.9 percent

Hong Kong's latest unemployment rate from October to December dropped 0.2 percentage points to 3.9 percent, marking a 10th consecutive month of decline, data from the Census and Statistics Department showed.

Hong Kong government’s decision to cull 2,000 hamsters ‘super harsh’: academic

City University’s Professor Nikolaus Osterrieder says he is worried pet owners may overreact and dump their animals even though likelihood of other pets in the city becoming infected ‘is very close to zero’.

How many more babies must die before England stops jailing pregnant women?

There is always an alternative to a custodial sentence. No court decision should endanger the life of an unborn child

In an era of rightwing populism, we cannot destroy democracy in order to save it

Democracy isn’t an institution – it’s a practice that becomes stronger through use. The key to defeating Trump lies in mobilising ordinary people to articulate their real needs

Office drinking culture slowed down in the 90s. But not for journalists – and now they are running the country

Spirits at work were common in the 60s, and pints at lunchtime were normal in the 80s, but most workplaces sobered up

Which is more dysfunctional – the US or the UK? I’ve created a Global Embarrassment Index to figure it out

Living in the US, I have always seized every opportunity to insist things are better in Blighty. But now both countries look ludicrous

US Capitol attack committee subpoenas Rudy Giuliani and other Trump lawyers

House special committee demands documents and testimony from legal team involved in effort to overturn election result

DeSantis proposes election crimes agency despite little evidence of voter fraud

Florida governor wants lawmakers to allocate nearly $6m for Office of Election Crime and Security

China forced 2,500 ‘fugitives’ back from overseas during pandemic, report finds

Methods used in Sky Net program range from family intimidation to state-sanctioned kidnappings, says rights group

‘We’ve been forgotten’: the British embassy security guard in Kabul

Abdullah says guards who risked their lives for the British cannot understand why they have been abandoned

New UK cost of living threat as oil rises to highest price in seven years

With petrol and diesel already close to record highs, driving costs look likely to increase again

Two drown in Peru as abnormally big waves from Tonga volcano hit coast

More than 20 Peruvian ports closed while TV images show seawater flooding homes and businesses in country’s centre and north

Colombian who spent six years as a Farc captive to run for presidency

Ingrid Betancourt will enter a crowded field as a candidate for the Green Oxygen party in May’s election

Microsoft's New $69 Billion Deal And Its Link To "Candy Crush"

Activision, the California-based maker of "Candy Crush" has been hit by employee protests, departures, and a state lawsuit alleging it enabled toxic workplace conditions and sexual harassment against women.

Businesses offer to extend vaccine bubble now for resuming businesses

Runners of clubs and beauty parlors urge authorities to immediately implement the "vaccine bubble" in exchange for earlier resumption of businesses.

Jailed Hong Kong activist Edward Leung released early for good behaviour

Leung was sentenced to six years in jail in 2018 for his role in the 2016 Mong Kok riot during Lunar New Year.

Cyber Attacks Surge Amid Covid-driven Digitalisation: World Economic Forum Study

The World Economic Forum study said that each successful cyber breach cost a company USD 3.6 million (nearly ₹ 27 crore) last year

Hong Kong to cull all pet shop hamsters after the mammal tests positive for Covid-19 in world first

The Hong Kong government will kill all hamsters being sold in pet shops after several hamsters at a Causeway Bay pet shop tested positive for Covid-19 – the world's first such observation.

Hong Kong stocks in for a roaring Year of the Tiger, Feng Shui Index shows

Luck will smile on investors born in the years of the horse, rabbit, goat and pig, according to the tongue-in-cheek index compiled by CLSA.

11,000 sign petition calling for stop to Hong Kong hamster cull over Covid-19

Announcement that dozens of pet stores selling the rodents must also temporarily close leaves other animal owners scrambling for supplies.