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All eyes on Britain after Denmark announce ban on oil drilling

THE Scottish and British governments have been urged to commit to ending fossil fuel extraction after Denmark announced a ban on North Sea drilling this week.

Britain’s bridges are falling down: why is the UK so terrible at infrastructure?

Simple and cowardly short-termism is a major reason for the UK’s dismal performance.

This deeply damaging tourist tax is the opposite of what Britain needs

The Government stunned world-leading businesses in September with its plan to end VAT-free shopping for tourists in the new year. This is a damaging mistake and the exact opposite of the kind of national intervention we need right now to help economic growth, support our businesses and protect jobs.

Bank of England Rebuked Over ‘Missing’ $67 Billion of Cash

A parliamentary committee found about 50 billion pounds worth of cash in circulation is not being spent, and blasted the bank for a lack of “curiosity” about where it is.

Regulation Virtual Asset Service Providers In The British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands And Bermuda

Charissa Ball and Yan Li have recently published the article “Regulation of Virtual Asset Service Providers in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bermuda”.

Charissa Ball and Yan Li

As first Pfizer vaccine doses arrive in U.K., officials tell doctors and nurses they won’t get priority

The first doses of the newly approved coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer arrived in Britain on Thursday night, the shipment packed in dry ice and traveling by truck from the company’s manufacturing plant in Belgium through the Eurotunnel to England.

iPhone 12: Change these 13 settings on your new phone right away

A better-looking home screen, Do Not Disturb, longer battery life and more reliable unlocking are all instantly achievable on your iPhone with some quick settings changes.

‘It’s a good idea’: Fauci praises Biden’s 100-day mask plan

Fauci also confirmed that he accepted Biden’s offer to become the president-elect’s chief medical adviser.

Hong Kong officials may step up classroom monitoring of teaching of liberal studies

City’s education chief acknowledges the possibility of increased oversight in Legislative Council meeting.

China's central bank plans digital yuan pilot for payments to Hong Kong

Preliminary talks are underway to begin testing the e-CNY in the special administrative region of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong social enterprise restaurant trains disabled and disadvantaged

Hong Kong social enterprise restaurant trains disabled and disadvantaged

Hong Kong legislature backs studies for artificial islands despite criticism

Hong Kong’s Legislative Council approved on Friday engineering and infrastructure studies for a government plan to build vast artificial islands in an effort to solve housing problems in one of the world’s most expensive property markets.

Harbour City, Hong Kong Introduces "Christmas Every Day" decorations and online activities

The Christmas display and festive atmosphere in Hong Kong is one of best in Asia. Harbour City is the largest and most diverse shopping mall in Hong Kong, with its splendid, large-scale decorations and series of festive activities, it is a must-visit destination every Christmas.

Hong Kong facing not-so-happy New Year, with fireworks, parade cancelled

Officials are calling off the pyrotechnics over Victoria Harbour, as well as the annual Lunar New Year parade in February, due to the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections.

Covid-19 rule-breakers face stiffer fines as Hong Kong reports 112 new cases

Fixed penalty of HK$5,000 takes effect next Friday and targets those who violate rules on public gatherings, mask wearing and testing.

U.K. Grants Five Passports a Minute to Hongkongers as China Tightens Grip

The U.K. is granting the most special travel documents to Hong Kong residents since the 1997 handover, bolstering predictions of a mass exodus as China tightens its grip over the former British colony.

China regulators fret about fintech’s heft, and bank risk. Here’s why

China has seized the global lead in tackling Big Tech lending which threatens to destabilise finance in multiple jurisdictions.

After swift Cathay staff cuts, does Hong Kong need law to protect workers?

Airline did not consult unions on restructuring, lay-offs, saying changes are vital to ensure survival.

Hong Kong police officer who watched as colleagues assaulted prisoner found guilty

Judge rules 31-year-old Lam Yik-sing ‘completely abandoned’ his duty as an officer when he failed to intervene in the assault.

Why female genital mutilation persists in Singapore

Female genital mutilation is considered a violation of human rights by the UN, and is illegal in many countries. The procedure still happens in Singapore, where an estimated 60 per cent of Malay women have been cut.

After handsome Tibetan lights up the internet, Chinese regions look for influencers

First came Zhaxi Dingzhen, a Tibetan herder from southwest China whose rugged looks wowed internet users. Now comes a horse rider from Xinjiang, and the rest of China is scrambling to find social media influencers of their own.

New CCTV footage shows moment Hong Kong student fell to his death

Inquest unearths previously unseen footage that appears to show Alex Chow’s final moments, and student’s father welcomes ‘huge step towards truth’.

Beijing blasts ‘absurd’ US tributes to jailed Hong Kong activists

China’s top body overseeing Hong Kong says sentences handed to Wong and others do not compensate for their crimes against the nation.

Joe Biden to call for 100 days of mask-wearing amid Covid-19

The move marks a notable shift from President Donald Trump, whose own scepticism of mask-wearing has contributed to a politicisation of the issue.

About half of Hong Kong’s bars ‘could be shut for good’ amid Covid-19

Industry insiders say about 100,000 workers employed as bar staff, suppliers, bouncers, overnight taxi drivers and in many other roles might lose their jobs.

China claims quantum computing lead with Jiuzhang photon test

Researchers say prototype performed a trillion times faster than the most powerful conventional computer.

MPs call on Bank of England to track down £50 billion in ‘missing’ money

The UK Public Accounts Committee says the Bank of England should “get a better handle” on Britain’s currency, after a report showed three-quarters of all UK banknotes in existence are not used in transactions or held as savings.

Liverpool mayor among group arrested over alleged bribery & witness intimidation in building corruption probe

The first directly-elected mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, was reportedly arrested by Merseyside Police on Friday over alleged bribery and witness intimidation, as part of an investigation into development contracts.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson arrested in bribery probe

Liverpool's mayor Joe Anderson has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit bribery and witness intimidation.

Covid: Pub alcohol ban sees barrels of beer poured away

Barrels of beer are being poured down drains as Wales' hospitality industry prepared for the alcohol ban to come into force.

British Airways' memorabilia sale hits snag as demand soars

They flew off shelves: slippers, cups and saucers, blankets and bedding, towels, even drinks trolleys.

Jamaica flight: Priti Patel criticises anti-deportation campaign

Priti Patel has criticised Labour MPs and celebrities for invoking the Windrush scandal in their efforts to stop a flight deporting convicted criminals to Jamaica.

Ex-soldier abused plane crew after being denied champagne under 'one drink' rule

An ex-soldier who told cabin crew ‘you’re gonna f**king get it’ after being denied a bottle of champagne under a ‘one drink only’ rule has been jailed.

Man who 'crossed UK in record time' cleared of dangerous driving

A driver who claimed he made a record-breaking trip across Britain has been found not guilty of dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice.

Number of people with Covid outside hospitals drops by 112,000 in a week

An estimated 521,300 people in England had coronavirus between November 22 and 28 – down from 633,000 the week before.

Tucker: The hypocrisy of lockdowns across America

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host calls out the hypocrisy of COVID-19 lockdown lawmakers across America.

DNI Ratcliffe warns China ‘intends to dominate the US’

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe penned an op-ed discussing China, Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports.

Biden urges Americans to mask up for his first 100 days

In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris discuss ways that they will address the coronavirus pandemic once they take office.

US, Israel and Iran: What will the Biden presidency mean for the Middle East? | DW News

US President-elect Joe Biden has expressed interest in returning to the Iran nuclear deal. Israeli Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff told DW that preventing Iran from getting a nuclear missile is the "bottom line."

Humanity is waging war on nature, says UN Secretary General António Guterres

U.N. Chief António Guterres: ‘Making Peace With Nature Is The Defining Task Of The Century’

Grab wins digital bank licence in Singapore

Ventures linked to the super-app Grab and the Alibaba-owned Ant Group are among four winners of digital banking licences in Singapore, in the biggest banking liberalisation initiative in two decades by the city-state.

Biden calls on Trump to attend inauguration: ‘It is important in only one sense’

President-elect Joe Biden is hopeful Donald Trump will attend his inauguration next month in order to demonstrate a peaceful transfer of power, while adding that his predecessor’s presence would be of “no personal consequence” for him.

US reports highest single-day record for COVID-19 deaths

The U.S. on Wednesday also set new records for COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU patients as hospitals try to coax doctors and nurses out of retirement to help.

San Francisco Officially Bans Smoking Cigs Inside Of Your Own Apartment, Approves Weed

Smokers in the Golden Gate City have been banned from smoking tobacco in their apartments, but smoking a marijuana joint inside is perfectly fine, officials announced Tuesday.

Facebook to ban anti-vaxx conspiracy theories

False claims that the vaccine contains microchips or is being tested on people without their consent will be removed

11-year-old dies after shooting during Zoom class in USA

A student has died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound during a Zoom distance learning class Wednesday, officials said.