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Autumn budget 2021: Rishi Sunak unveils new spending pledges including £5bn for health research and innovation and £3bn for skills education

Rishi Sunak says he will do "whatever it takes" to support families feeling the pinch of higher prices - but critics warned that much of the funding would only reverse cuts by previous Conservative-led governments.

Covid-19: Infection rates 'stubbornly high' in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's Covid-19 infection rate remains "stubbornly high", meaning that hospitals are "struggling to cope", according to a senior GP.

COVID-19: Travel rules have changed again - what are they now?

Coronavirus travel rules have been relaxed for those returning to England, allowing fully vaccinated holidaymakers to take cheaper lateral flow tests instead of PCRs.

Hong Kong to add estimated 2,000 quarantine hotel rooms ahead of Christmas holidays

Authorities plan to ramp up the number of designated quarantine hotel rooms in the city by 20% ahead of what is expected to be a busy Christmas holiday season, a key industry player has said.

CNN goes first two weeks of October without any program reaching 1 million viewers

The network once known as the “most trusted name in news” started to lose public trust after its massive fake news about Iraq's alleged nuclear weapons, that actually never existed. This fake news cost the lives of thousands American soldiers (and countless Iraqis) and billions of dollars lost on a fake war against nothing. CNN continues to lose trust for its biased news against whoever did not vote for Biden, and its promotion of an extremist hate-culture against "the other" 84 million American voters. The result of dividing USA is that the fanatical network has gone 21 days without averaging a 7-digit viewership.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's dire warning: 'Hyperinflation' will soon 'change everything'

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has issued a cryptic warning that "hyperinflation" will "change everything."

Gold prices on the rise amid fears of worldwide inflation

The price of gold this week exceeded $1,800 per ounce, trading data shows. While global investors assess the risks of high inflation, some experts say gold prices could soon double.

Hong Kong ‘Leave Home Safe’ app rule raises fairness issues

But Ricky Chu, chairman of Equal Opportunities Commission, says new rule does not breach any anti-discrimination laws as it concerns electronic devices.

Explainer: China's Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle

China recently issued a master plan for building the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle in the southwestern part of the country as a key growth driver for the area.

Covid: Dogs bought in lockdown being abandoned

People have tried to sell their lockdown dogs on Gumtree before disguising them as strays so rescue centres take them in, a charity warned.

Namibia Halts Use Of Russian Covid Vaccine After South African HIV Fears

Neighbouring South Africa earlier this week said it would not approve Sputnik V due to concerns it could increase the risk of HIV infection among men.

Beijing officials laud ‘strength’ of Hong Kong leader at women’s forum

Foreign ministry commissioner Liu Guangyuan and Lu Xinning, a deputy director of liaison office, praise Chief Executive Carrie Lam at a women’s empowerment forum.

Real-time price tracker part of Hong Kong watchdog’s digital revamp

Price watch upgrades to Consumer Council’s online platforms will help shoppers make better decisions, according to watchdog.

HK reports six imported cases, all vaccinated

Health authority reported six imported cases on Saturday, marking the 15th day without an untraceable local infection.

Hong Kong jobless rate drops to new low of 4.5 per cent since start of coronavirus pandemic on improved economy

Hong Kong’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.5 per cent in the three months to the end of September, a new low since the coronavirus pandemic began, with the local economy gathering pace after the roll-out of the government’s multibillion-dollar e-voucher scheme.

New Zealand's Covid Outbreak Spreads Despite Strict Lockdown

New Zealand Coronavirus: The number of cases in the outbreak reached 2,492 and New Zealand has recorded 28 coronavirus-related deaths so far in the pandemic.

Hong Kong boosts helper quarantine capacity with extra 500 hotel rooms

The newly designated hotel will take the number of available slots overall to more than 1,900, opening the door for more domestic workers into the crimped market.

Analysis: What we know about the Queen's health

It's rare for the Queen to scrap an engagement so when she does, the immediate question for many here in Britain is: "How serious is it?"

Covid: Home working likely to be best way to curb virus - scientists

Advising people to work from home is likely to have the most impact on stopping Covid spreading this winter, scientists advising the government say.

Covid-19 health code: how Hong Kong can reopen the mainland border

Experts say technology exists to align Covid-19 protocols with the mainland, but privacy fears and a sceptical public are stumbling blocks.

Hungary's loyalties lie with U.S. and NATO, not China and Russia, Viktor Orban challenger says

Peter Marki-Zay, who is leading the anti-Orban alliance, told Newsweek the next election in Hungary "is really a matter of life or death."

Covid: Brits increasingly lax on masks and social mixing

Although most adults agree measures such as social distancing and mask-wearing to slow the spread of Covid are important, fewer adults in Britain are still doing it, latest figures reveal.

'Absolutely nothing to indicate’ another lockdown needed, Johnson says, despite concerns from advisers about rising infections

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected calls from the government’s own scientific advisors to impose tougher Covid measures under the so-called ‘Plan B’ scheme after infections rose 17.9% in the past seven days.

Government accused of promoting Covid travel tests at misleading prices

Firms offering lateral flow tests for people arriving in England are ‘gaming’ official website, says expert