The Education Bureau had earlier granted Scientia Secondary School in Ho Man Tin to resume the full-day classes for its secondary five students after the grade had surpassed a vaccination rate of 90 percent.

Secondary schools in the city can now resume full-day classes if 90 percent of their students are fully vaccinated. Schools can also opt for a partial class resumption if only specific grades at school meet the requirement.

According to the secondary school, the 18 unvaccinated students were arranged with window seats on the side of their classrooms, separating them from the rest of the class with transparent plastic partitions.

Meanwhile, the 18 students and another 22 single-jabbed students will be arranged to dine in a special room during lunch.

Wong Ching-yung, principal of the school, stressed that the measures were to protect the unvaccinated students.

He expected the measures would be met with concerns from students and parents, noting some parents have raised their concerns about discrimination, while some students have found the latest arrangement strange.

Separately, The Church of Christ in China Kwei Wah Shan College will also resume full-day classes coming Monday.

The school said around 8 percent of their students yet to receive two doses of the Covid vaccine will be arranged to dine in special rooms, citing the measures were “protections offered by the school.”