Using the health code conversion system, arrivals in Hong Kong from Guangdong or Macau under the Return2hk scheme can convert their Covid-19 testing results saved in the mainland's "Yuekang Code" or Macau's "Macau Health Code" to Hong Kong's electronic health declaration form platform.

Chan also said mainland experts concurred with Hong Kong's determination in fighting the epidemic, and the SAR administration is looking to further discuss the border reopening with the mainland as soon as possible.

Tam Yiu-chung, Hong Kong's sole delegate to the National People's Congress standing committee, said yesterday that the border could reopen soon if the SAR's anti-epidemic work could be as good as the mainland's.

He added that in the mainland, the health code is an important anti-epidemic tool and Hongkongers must have one in order to cross the border.

A Federation of Hong Kong Industries survey showed that more than 90 percent of companies support a compulsory launch of a Hong Kong health code in line with the mainland one, and they are willing to comply with anti-epidemic measures.

The survey also revealed that around 40 percent of owners, managers and staff failed to return to mainland factories or offices due to border restrictions.

Over 77 percent of companies also noted their production had decreased due to travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, Hongkongers' Covid-19 vaccination records were updated yesterday to include their date of birth, sex and the manufacturer of the vaccine dose they received. This followed the United Kingdom's requirement that travelers' vaccination records show their date of birth.

All residents can download the updated version of their vaccination records starting yesterday from either the administration's "iAM Smart" app or their eHealth app. But only those who have travel plans can apply for an updated paper vaccination record, officials said.

Travelers can apply at designated vaccination centers and clinics with their ID cards and plane tickets two weeks before boarding.

However, the government appealed to the public to download the updated record via electronic means as "electronic vaccination records are commonly accepted internationally."