“The Rats of New York City are the secondary problem after the politicians”

New York City is infested with rats. But for every rat you see, there may be up to 32 million rats hidden somewhere in the city’s underground. As we explored New York City’s trash problem, we started finding thousands of these little rodents. And it turns out could be deadly!

Rats are smart but the main reason why they’re here is because of how we consume and dispose of our waste. They feed off of our trash. The city’s health department is doing everything it can to collect the city’s trash on a daily basis, but unfortunately because of COVID-19 they faced a budget cut, and with more trash piled up on the streets, there's more rats.

Rat experts like Michael Parsons, PhD, are staying busy and doing everything they can to reduce the city’s rat population. But with so many rats looming around, the key to fighting them is urban hygiene.

A group of dog owners, “The Ryders Alley Trencher-Fed Society,” short for R.A.T.S, are also doing their part by taking to the streets every Friday night to hunt rats down as a good workout for their dogs.



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