Study shows two in five parents feel worsening relationships with children during Covid

A study found that two in five parents in Hong Kong have noted worsening relationships with their children during the city’s fifth wave of Covid outbreaks.

The study of 700 parents in May showed that some 40 percent of them found their relationship with their children had deteriorated from February to April, after spending more time with their kids at home due to the Covid epidemic.

Parents told the research team of KeySteps@JC - a child care concern group - that they found their children prone to emotional and behavioral problems staying at home, and the relationship between them being compromised as they go into arguments easier at home.

Some 65 percent of parents also felt increased stress working at home and tutoring their children at the same time.

The study also found over 80 percent of parents worried about their children’s growth and development under the epidemic, with another 70 percent of them raising concerns about their children’s learning progress with in-person classes suspended.

Separately, 65 percent of the parents are concerned about their children’s development of social skills, while some 40 percent of them found the well-being of their children during the epidemic worrying.

The group had since called on parents to stay positive and maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as buy time for resting to alleviate stress.

It also reminded parents to seek help if necessary.