Shenzhen quarantine quota for HK’ers chopped to 1,000 from Sep 12

Shenzhen will reduce the quota for Hongkongers to undergo quarantine upon entry to 1,000 starting next Monday (Sep 12) amid worsening Covid-19 developments.

According to Shenzhen’s official online booking system, the quota will first be deducted from the current 1,800 to 1,500 this coming Sunday (Sep 11) before further dropping to 1,000 on Monday.

As of Wednesday, the city of more than 17 million reported 18 new infections and identified seven asymptomatic Covid patients.

Lawmaker Kingsley Wong Kwok believed citizens are less likely to head up north because of the worsening Covid developments. He added that the urgent travel needs of local students studying in mainland schools has also been taken care of.

Wong noted that the recent number of applicants remains a few thousand daily, far less than ten to twenty thousand a day at previous peaks.

He hoped the number would bounce back after Shenzhen authorities contained the pandemic and called on governments in both the SAR and Shenzhen to speed up the execution of “reverse quarantine.”

Wong continued that staffers in Shenzhen also told him the special priority passage now only opens to those whose family members are dying or have passed away; those who need to attend court sessions; or students sitting an exam and relevant officials.

Yesterday, Chinese Manufacturers’ Association president Allen Shi Lop-tak said the government should set aside a quota of 500 for businessmen to travel to the mainland in its latest “reverse quarantine” plan.

Shi wanted authorities to reopen international borders to offer the dying business sector “a way out” as well.