Relaxing Covid-19 curbs does not mean giving up: health chief Lo

Relaxing Covid-19 curbs doesn’t mean the government is giving up on the fight against the pandemic, Secretary for Health Lo Chung-mau said, as he noted that the Hospital Authority and other departments are still on their guard. 

Lo said on a radio program Saturday morning that the direction of government’s anti-pandemic policies remains unshaken over the past six months, which is to “cross the river one step at a time.” 

He continued that leading over 7 million people on the path to normalcy, the government would not tell citizens to simply “jump over the river onto the other side.” 

The health chief noted that with almost all Covid curbs lifted and the vaccine pass scheme axed, the city’s healthcare system will definitely face mounting pressure. Yet, he also said the situation has improved since last year and the Hospital Authority can now better handle the pandemic. 

Lo also said reopening borders between Hong Kong and mainland is what everyone wants but pointed out that the pandemic development will worsen with more frequent economic activities. 

He expected the infection figures to remain at higher levels in the near future but stressed that relaxing the curbs doesn’t equal giving up on the fight against Covid

Authorities will review and adjust the vaccination requirement for arrivals when necessary, Lo added, so that the requirement on overseas travelers will align with that on travelers from mainland.