Quota on cross-border travel can be canceled after LNY holidays, says Eric Chan

Hong Kong will have the conditions to cancel the quota on cross-border travel after the Lunar New Year holidays the soonest, chief secretary Eric Chan Kwok-ki said.

Chan added the government is now mulling the details of the next stage of cross-border travel between the SAR and mainland, and is hoping to replace the PCR test requirement with the rapid antigen test, or even to completely call off all the Covid tests.

Speaking on a radio program Sunday, Chan said the infection number has been dropping two weeks into the border reopening, indicating that the move doesn’t impact the overall pandemic development.

He added if the conditions deem fit in the future, travelers will need only to take a rapid antigen test or need not to take any Covid test at all.

“Hong Kong will come to this step at last for the city to fully return to normalcy.” Chan said.

He also said the city is now close to full border reopening as the daily quota has yet to run out so far, and said the quota could be canceled after the holidays.

“The Spring Festival sees the greatest people flow and if the development remains stable after the holidays, we can drop the restrictions gradually, including the limited quota of travelers.”