Private car drivers hit by HK$3 increase as Tai Lam Tunnel revises toll fees

The Tai Lam Tunnel will increase its toll fees by 7.8 percent on average starting September 18, by then drivers of private cars and taxis will be charged HK$55, seeing a HK$3 increase.

As for motorcyclists, they will see the toll fee increase by HK$2 to HK$26.

The fee for private and public light buses will increase by HK$8 to HK$117, while that for single-decker and double-decker buses will jump by HK$12 and HK$14 to HK$167 and HK$197 respectively.

The fee for light goods vehicles and special vehicles weighing less than 5.5 tonnes will climb by HK$6 to HK$59. The HK$6 addition also applies to medium goods vehicles and special vehicles weighing between 5.5 and 24 tonnes, meaning the updated fee will be HK$65.

Fro heavy goods vehicles weighing over 24 tonnes, the fee will climb from HK$65 to HK$73, marking an HK$8 increase.

Route 3 (CPS) Co Ltd said on Friday that the operating costs of the tunnel have been increasing due to rises in staff costs, electricity tariffs, and maintenance expenses.

“At the same time, the toil revenue of the Tai Lam Tunnel had been significantly eroded by various factors during the Covid-19 epidemic,” it also said.

“In order to maintain our business sustainability, we have to revise the tolls of Tai Lam Tunnel, on average at 7.8 percent with private cars at 5.8 percent.”

“Nonetheless, the three concessionary programmes currently in place, namely 'HK$15 for taxis without passengers,' 'HK$35 for empty trailers,' and 'HK$35 for heavy goods vehicles at midnight' will be retained.”