Non-residents no longer eligible to receive free govt Covid vax from next Mon

The Hong Kong government announced on Thursday that free vaccination for Covid-19 will no longer be offered to non-Hong Kong residents from next Monday (January 16).

"Given the recent increase in the demand of Hong Kong residents for Covid-19 vaccination and the gradual rollout of self-paid vaccination services by private healthcare organizations," said a government spokesperson today, "the free vaccination program will be adjusted in order to ensure that Hong Kong residents are accorded priority."

According to the adjustment, if a non-Hong Kong resident has received vaccines under the government vaccination program or holds an appointment registration before January 16 and has met the staying requirement, they will be arranged to receive the vaccination. However, this person must be required to present the relevant vaccination or appointment records when making an appointment, visiting the vaccination site for vaccination, and getting the relevant records verified.

Non-Hong Kong residents in need may receive the vaccination at their own cost via private healthcare organizations providing vaccination services, the spokesperson added.