New labels for Covid cabs after some drivers caught serving street passengers

The specific label for the designated anti-epidemic cabs, which could only carry people to quarantine facilities, has been updated for easier public identification.

The Transport and Logistics Bureau announced today to update the label affixed on the designated taxi fleet with a larger version, along with another kind of new label that reads "Government Anti-Covid Measures".

The size of new labels will also be enlarged to occupy half of the taxi's windows.

All anti-epidemic cabs, including those carrying people to isolation facilities and clinics and inbound travellers arriving at the airport to designated quarantine hotels, will be affixed with the new labels.

Earlier this year, around 10 percent of the anti-Covid taxis were reported to offer rides to ordinary passengers unauthorisedly.

Besides, electronic display panels showing the number of designated taxis waiting at the pick-up point will be set up at the arrival hall tomorrow, said the Airport Authority, noting it will clearly direct travellers to the waiting areas of various point-to-point transport services.