More Covid-19 rule easing after Lunar New Year, says health chief

Hong Kong’s health chief said the city’s Covid-19 rule will be eased further after the Lunar New Year, despite the infection numbers may increase after the holidays.

Speaking to Commercial Radio Hong Kong on Monday, Secretary for Health Lo Chung-mau said with Hong Kong people's lives returning to normal and our economy showing signs of recovery, as well as the city welcoming back travelers from both the mainland and overseas countries, authorities are anticipating an increase in the Covid tally.

Lo said, however, Hong Kong now has a better immunity barrier against Covid and a well-prepared healthcare system to amble the city to walk steadily on the road to normalcy.

He expected that the minimal anti-epidemic measures still remaining will be eased further after the Lunar New Year holidays, whereas authorities will continue their dialogue with mainland authorities to work on the arrangement of the second phase of border reopening.

Lo stressed that the easing in Covid rules does not mean the city has given up fighting the epidemic.

“The coronavirus has never left and citizens should maintain personal hygiene…those who were infected should seek medical attention as soon as possible to get antiviral medications,” said Lo.

He added that people should not compare Covid-19 with flu, which the percentage of severe infections and death cases recorded from Covid is way more than the figure for flu.

“Getting vaccinated remains the most crucial element on the road to normalcy,” he said.