Man arrested for advocating independence, boycott Covid rules calls on forum LIHKG

A 24-year-old man was on Thursday arrested by national security police for seditious intention for advocating Hong Kong independence, inciting hatred towards judicial officers and judges, and calling on others to boycott anti-Covid curbs on forum LIHKG. 

Officers from police's national security department raided the man's home in Kowloon this morning after getting an arrest warrant issued from the court, and seized a mobile device the man used to publish the seditious remarks. 

It was understood that the man left a great number of seditious comments on popular posts on LIHKG through his user account. 

The content of his comments included advocating Hong Kong independence, inciting people to overthrow the Central Government and the SAR Government, and inciting hatred towards the judiciary, its officers and judges. 

The man called on Hongkongers to boycott the anti-Covid curbs as well. 

He also shared the download link of children's books “Sheep Village 2.0”, classified by authorities as a series of seditious publications, on his own Facebook page, with the caption: “Cat(c)h me if you can.” 

The man is now remanded in custody. 

Police warned citizens that seditious intention is a serious offense, and the maximum penalty upon conviction carries a two-year imprisonment.