Macau drops Covid testing requirement for travelers from HK, Taiwan and mainland

Travelers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland will not need to present a negative Covid test result in order to be granted entry starting this Sunday (Jan 8), Macau said on Thursday, echoing Hong Kong's move to reopen the border with mainland announced the same day. 

Yet, Hongkongers, Taiwanese and overseas travelers who have stayed in Macau for seven days are required to present a negative PCR Covid test result, valid for 48 hours, before entering mainland. 

Meanwhile, travelers from other countries and regions must still present a negative PCR test result before boarding a plane or a ship to Macau. 

Passengers will be able to transit flights starting that day, and special restrictions on inbound travelers holding foreign passports will be lifted. 

Mandatory health declaration measures at all border points and healthcare management measures upon entry will also be canceled.