Lau Yu-lung predicts WHO to officially end Covid pandemic in mid-2023

Government advisor Lau Yu-lung predicted the World Health Organization (WHO) may officially declare the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in mid-2023, and citizens can finally go maskless and breathe fresh air without breaking the law.

Yet, the ditching of masks would only apply to non-flu seasons, or outdoors, Lau noted, adding that masks may still be mandatory in crowded places or during peak seasons.

Lau referred to the historical experience that it takes three years at the soonest and five years at the latest before a pandemic comes to an end.

He continued that as the coronavirus evolves and the population contracts the disease repeatedly and gets vaccinated, fewer and fewer people will develop severe illnesses.

Citizens need not get the jabs anymore if around 90 percent of the population remains asymptomatic after contracting the virus or children only develop slight symptoms, Lau pointed out.

Lau also threw support behind the government after sources said authorities may lower the age limit of Vaccine Pass from 12 to five.

He believed this could be an incentive for children to get vaccinated, and the government is now mulling relevant operational details.

Some parents were not concerned that the arrangement may affect children's daily lives and believed vaccination is inevitable when it comes to public health.

Meanwhile, other parents described the move as forcing the jabs on toddlers and slammed the requirement as not making sense at all. A mother also said she doesn't want her kids carrying a smartphone and scanning venues' QR codes everywhere.

Chow Kim-ho, principal of Tsuen Wan Trade Association Primary School, said junior primary school students rarely possess a smartphone. Yet, he believed the government would devise a practical plan if the arrangement came true.