Kenneth Lau Ip-keung, head of Heung Yee Kuk, sought a fortune stick in Shatin Che Kung Temple as the tradition on the second of Lunar New Year, foreseeing Hong Kong’s development in the coming year.

After drawing stick 45, he translated the omen and said Hong Kong citizens and businesses are suffering from the Covid-19, in which many people are unemployed.

“Every move of the government is important. It must launch decisive, accurate, and timely measures,” said Lau.

“It is the best to regard peace as an important thing in politics,” explained Lau. “The government should solve the problem of public discontent by launching soft policy.”

He added the society must be “harmonious and united” to “move forward”.

Lau also said that the authorities have suggested many policies which have not been implemented, including measures for housing and land problems.

He called upon the government to think carefully about the issues and asked the citizens to work together.