Still, the visa-free entry ban on Hongkongers remains.

The Japanese government lowered its alert over the nine areas, from level 3 -- avoid nonessential travel--to level 2 -- practice enhanced precautions, citing that the coronavirus condition in these places have stabilized.

China including the SAR and Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei are on the list.

However, officials stressed that the decision did not mean welcoming foreigners to travel to Japan.

Representative from the Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong said that inbound Japanese citizens will not have to receive Covid-19 testing while foreigners from the nine listed areas need not to provide a negative COVID-19 test completed within 72 hours of travel.

Inbound travelers can only enter Japan through Kansai Airport or Narita Airport. They must also undergo a 14-day quarantine and are not permitted to use any public transportation.