The flight attendant was said to have been to the gym multiple times during her incubation and infectious period on March 11, 13, 17, 18, 19 and 23.

She had attended pilates and yoga lessons at the Fitness center, which was located at Provident Centreon on 21-53 Wharf Road in North Point. The woman lives at Lai Chi Building at Causeway Bay.

Meanwhile, including the flight attendant, Hong Kong has recorded 11 new confirmed Covid-19 cases – three local and eight imported – bringing the tally to 11,440 cases.

Among the 11 patients were three men and eight women, aged between 2 to 48 years.

Of the local cases today, two of them were linked to previous local infections and the other one with untraceable sources.

The imported cases were returnees from the Philipines, Indonesia and Pakistan.