Hospital Authority curtails service to fight the epidemic

To focus resources on anti-epidemic works, the Hospital Authority will suspend some general outpatient clinics' services or reduce the clinic sessions starting from Monday.

The public hospitals also need to curtail some non-emergency services, including some elective surgeries, day and outpatient services while some patient appointments have to be rescheduled.

Chronic patients with follow-up appointments at the clinics concerned are advised to refill their drugs at the corresponding Medication Refill Clinics on the appointment day by presenting their appointment slips and identity cards.

The HA spokesman said that the arrangements are to focus workforce and resources on enhancing the services of Designated Clinic and tele-consultation for supporting confirmed patients in the community.

He added that the Phase Three Bed Mobilisation Plan had been activated to reserve more beds and mobilise more manpower to manage patients confirmed with Covid-19 infection.