HKBU offers up to 50,000 elderly free treatment for long Covid

The Baptist University on Wednesday launched a program to help elderlies suffering from long-Covid, providing them with free Chinese medicine consultations and treatment.

The university said the program will benefit those aged 65 or above and have recovered from the coronavirus. Participants will receive up to four free medical consultations – two in-person sessions at the university’s five designated clinics and two online consultations.

The patients will be prescribed up to six days of Chinese medicine granules after each consultation.

The university planned to treat 20,000 to 50,000 patients with the program, with provision for extra quotas or a second phase of the program.

Bian Zhaoxiang, an associate vice-president of Chinese medicine development at the institution, said patients are required to visit the designated clinics for the first and third face-to-face consultations, while the second and fourth consultations will be conducted online.

He believes four consultations are enough to tackle symptoms associated with long Covid, whereas doctors will arrange extra free sessions for patients according to their situation.

Those who wish to join the “Everbright Care Long COVID Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Programme” can sign up online, and present their infection record.