Foreign agency report on Govt divided over Covid measures 'misleading'

Health Secretary Lo Chung-mau slammed an article published by a foreign media organisation as misleading and clarified that the government shares a common goal when tackling the Covid pandemic.

Lo criticised the relevant article in a blogpost published on Sunday that caused readers to mistakenly believe the government is divided and contradictory on the anti-epidemic measures. He added that the report only cited "the people" and "the person" as its sources without further elaborating.

He stressed that the government's overall anti-epidemic policy is maintained according to five points:

(1) Continue to contain the number of confirmed cases, better manage risks and enhance the capability to respond to contingencies to prevent the healthcare system from overloading;

(2) To reduce critical cases and deaths;

(3) To protect high-risk groups, including the elderly, the young and patients with chronic illnesses;

(4) To differentiate people into different risk levels for proper control and to reduce the number of people and areas placed under control to allow maximum numbers of daily activities and participants involved; and

(5) To strike a balance between risks and economic impetus, safeguarding the livelihood of the public and Hong Kong's competitiveness.

Lo did not mention which agency published the relevant news story.

Last Thursday, Bloomberg published an article titled "Hong Kong Officials Target End to Hotel Quarantine in November", reporting that Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu is leaning toward scrapping hotel quarantine before November, despite the objections of some in his administration including Lo Chung-mau.