The SAR government earlier announced that schools that achieved a 70 percent vaccination rate for its teacher and students can fully resume face-to-face classes.

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said today that authorities had so far received five applications from Hong Kong schools to resume full-day in-person classes for specific levels, mainly for secondary five and six classes.

He said one of the schools is expected to run the full-day classes next week.

The education chief also said as of Friday, an average of 92 percent of teachers and 51 percent of students aged 12 or above in Hong Kong had at least received their first dose of Covid vaccine.

“Teachers getting vaccinated will give students and teachers the confidence to also get the jab,” said Yeung, who also thanked school principals and teachers for the hard work under the pandemic.

Yeung also encourages the education sector to vote in the 2021 Election Committee subsector elections, adding that the new electoral system better reflects diverse and comprehensive views.