Germany and Switzerland are the destinations of this group tour. This is also the first out-bound travel tour held since all tours had been suspended due to the pandemic for more than a year.

There were less then 10 tourists, according to Miramar. The fee of the tour also increased by about 30 percent compared to those before the pandemic, it added.

If any tourist contracts Covid-19, all other tourists must undergo virus tests. If the pandemic situation changed and their flight back to Hong Kong was banned by the government, Miramar will arrange other connecting flights for the tourists to return to the city. Yet tourists will have to pay for all of the extra fees.

Alex Lee Chun-ting, general manager of the travel agency, said he would not disclose the number of tourists and the exact itinerary.

On the other hand, he pointed out that Hongkongers long for traveling, as many have been asking about information of these out-bound tours

People's desire to travel is affected by another factor as well, that earlier the government shortened quarantine to only seven days for those who test positive for antibodies, Lee said.