Distribute medicine to grassroots amid medicine-buying frenzy, community group urges

The SAR government should take the initiative to distribute flu medicine to grassroots citizens as many are struggling to find the medications at pharmacies, said Society for Community Organization community organizer Ivan Lin Wai-kiu.

His comments came after a surge of Covid-19 infections across China, and the news of the HK-mainland border reopening have sent residents rushing to buy flu medicine, painkillers, and test kits in Hong Kong.

Lin said many grassroots citizens reflected that they are struggling to get ahold of over-the-counter flu medicine as multiple brands of antipyretic and analgesic medications are now in short supply due to the shopping frenzy.

He said authorities should make reference to previous experiences in distributing anti-Covid packs, having elderly centers and district health centers help distribute the household medicines.

He also called on authorities to streamline the procedures for grassroots elderly to get their check-ups at government clinics.