Edith Leung Yik-ting, Democratic Party vice-chairman, questioned if authorities have “tailor-made” the requirements in order to give the vaccines the green light.

“The Sinovac vaccines are yet to have a complete phase 3 trial result, nor did the World Health Organization approve the vaccines for use,” stressed Leung, saying without sufficient data, members of the public will not be convinced to get the jabs.

The party had urged authorities to disclose all relevant data of the Sinovac vaccines, informing citizens of all the possible side effects of receiving the jabs, and if citizens will be insured if they experienced such side effects.

Leung also criticized the pro-establishment camp for pressuring the advisory board, including demanding the board to consider procuring the Sinopharm vaccine - another Chinese-made Covid jab.

“Decisions made by the board should simply be based on medical and scientific data, free from any political consideration,” said Leung.