Democratic Party calls for new round of HK$12,000 consumption vouchers

Hong Kong’s Democratic Party, giving its own policy recommendations before the chief executive’s policy address next month, has called for a fresh round of consumption vouchers worth HK$12,000 for citizens next year.

According to the Legislative Council’s latest schedule, chief executive John Lee Ka-chiu will deliver his policy address on October 19, following a public consultation that began in July.

The party made several suggestions on welfare, Covid, education policies, and matters related to the city’s municipal-level administration.

Lo Kin-hei, leader of the party, said the party will pitch their policy suggestions to relevant government bureaus and departments in the coming days, convincing government officials to take them in.

Apart from the consumption vouchers, the party has suggested CE Lee include in his policy address the cancelation of the city’s mask mandate and set up a sunset clause for the vaccine pass arrangement.

Meanwhile, the party also called on Lee to expedite the implementation of the election of the Chief Executive and all members of the Legislative Council by universal suffrage.

Commenting on the formation of the District Council, Lo said relevant policies should remain unchanged.

The party leader stressed that the District Councils have a broad electorate base, which could reflect the voices of different sectors in society.

“Most importantly is that citizens can use their votes to monitor or provide checks and balances against the government,” said Lo, adding that the party will continue its involvement in the District Councils if its formation remains unchanged.

However, he noted it’s still too soon to make a concrete decision.

Separately, on education policies, the party had recommended authorities implement small-class teaching across the city, improve the teacher-student ratio, and retain teaching talents.

When asked if party members had discussed the possibility of disbandment, Lo said they understood now is not the best situation for the party and that the party could only make do with its limited resources to plan their future work.

He pointed out that the party has garnered the support of the citizens over the past 20 years, to whom they owe a responsibility.