CUHK Med Centre to reserve beds for Covid patients

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Centre announced that it would accept Covid patients referred by public hospitals with mild symptoms from today.

A maximum of 36 beds would be available to serve patients - 24 for Covid patients over 16 years old and 12 beds for non-Covid patients, according to the hospital.

One bed in CUHK Medical Centre has hospitalized the first covid patient transferred from New Territories.

“We will mostly accommodate patients from New Territories and Kowloon who need no intensive care or extra treatment from organ failure or other symptoms,” said Dr. Fung Hong, the hospital’s chief executive director.

There will also be restricted access to the isolation wards for Covid patients to separate the units to other facilities in the hospital, added Fung.

Staff in the hospital may have to return to work sooner to support operating the extra beds, Fung mentioned.

CUHK Medical Centre has been designated with beds for Covid patients previously during the fifth wave of the epidemic to alleviate the pressure on public hospitals.

The Department of the Hospital Authority said today it received three new cases of young children with severe symptoms of Covid requiring transfer to the intensive care wards in the past two weeks.

Dr. Alan So King-woon, the co-chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Pediatrics, reminded parents to send kids to the hospital at once if they are found to be feverish or unconscious.