Covid-positive teachers without symptoms shouldn’t be restricted at home

Teachers and school staffers who are infected with Covid-19 but do not display any symptoms should be allowed to go to work as long as they wear a mask and avoid high-risk activities, health expert David Hui Shu-cheong said.

Hui pointed to the rising vaccination rate and surging infection figures that the city has built a robust hybrid immunity barrier, with many Covid patients showing mild or no symptoms.

He then suggested infected teachers and staffers wear a mask at work and only handle clerical work or class preparations work.

As for infected students, they are advised to stay at home as their self-care ability is relatively lower, and the dense classrooms and halls may easily lead to outbreaks, Hui explained.

Hui also spoke of the cancellation of the infection declaration starting January 30 and said it is an appropriate move by authorities. He went on to say that many see their rapid antigen test results returning negative on the third day, and it won’t matter if they do not report their infections.

Still, Covid patients should wear a mask and avoid close physical contact with family members, and observe other personal hygiene measures.

Summarizing the past three years of the Covid pandemic, Hui said he didn’t expect the coronavirus to mutate a number of times and citizens to receive their fourth or even fifth vaccine shot.

He continued that he also had “mixed feelings” about the government’s containment policies and stringent anti-Covid curbs, which hugely impacted citizens’ mentality, life quality, and the economy.

Again, Hui stressed that getting inoculated against Covid is the way to go and can provide better protection, as he noted that enhancing our bodies’ immune system through natural infection could be risky.