COVID Inquiry Threatens Legal Action Against UK Government Over Boris Johnson's Unredacted Messages

The official COVID inquiry has threatened to take legal action against the UK government if it does not release former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson's, unredacted WhatsApp messages and diary entries.

The Cabinet Office has argued that some of the material is "unambiguously irrelevant" to the inquiry, but the inquiry's chairwoman, Baroness Hallett, has said that failure to hand over the unredacted material could be a criminal offense.

Johnson will no longer work with government lawyers for the inquiry, and allies say he has lost confidence in the Cabinet Office after officials referred him to the police over further potential rule breaches during the pandemic.

The inquiry is due to begin hearings next month.

The story states that both the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Prime Minister's office are assessing information they have received, but it is unclear if the MPS has spoken to the Prime Minister about the matter.

The Prime Minister's press secretary has denied that the Prime Minister violated COVID-19 protocols during the pandemic by going to a location called Chequers.

The story states that more information will be provided on this story.