As the social distancing measures are set to expire on Wednesday, Health Secretary Sophia Chan Siu-chee said some of the social distancing measures will be eased starting this Thursday, in view of the epidemic being put under control.

Both public and private swimming pools will be reopened, along with public beaches. The 50 percent capacity cap for theme parks will also be increased to 75 percent.

The ban on religious gatherings will also be lifted, but authorities are expected to set the number of participants at religious venues at 30 percent.

No eating or drinking will be allowed during the gatherings, but ceremonies such as receiving holy communion can be exempted.

Despite these relaxations of the Covid rules, the 4 person cap on public gatherings will be extended to April 14, along with the mask law.

Chan reminded members of the public that even the epidemic in Hong Kong seems to be contained, people must still stay vigilant and maintain high standard over personal hygiene during the Easter holidays.

“Anything can go south if we take the epidemic lightly, therefore it is still not the right time to ease the Covid rules all at once,” she addded.

Chan also announced that the ban on UK incoming flights will soon be lifted. The government will arrange designated flights in late April to allow Hong Kong citizens in the UK to return to the city.

Returnees on these designated flights will have to be quarantined at hotels for 21 days.

While the hotel quarantine period for returnees from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore will be shortened to 14 days from the original 21 days.