China Braces for Massive New Wave of COVID Cases

China is bracing for a massive new wave of COVID-19 cases, as the Omicron variant XBB continues to spread. The wave is expected to peak at around 65 million cases per week by the end of June, according to senior health adviser Zhong Nashan.

Infections are already on the rise, with 40 million cases per week expected by the end of May. The wave could swell to become the country's second largest, experts say.

The new wave comes as China is still struggling to contain the spread of the Omicron variant. The country has implemented a strict "zero-COVID" policy, which has included lockdowns, mass testing, and travel restrictions.

However, the "zero-COVID" policy has been criticized for being too costly and ineffective. The new wave is likely to put further strain on the country's economy and healthcare system.

The new wave of COVID-19 cases in China has implications for the rest of the world. The country is a major global economic power, and its economy is closely linked to the economies of other countries.

A prolonged COVID-19 outbreak in China could disrupt supply chains and lead to higher prices for goods and services. It could also lead to a slowdown in economic growth.



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