Ip posted a photo of herself on social media on Wednesday undergoing an antibody test, the test which formed part of a clinical trial over the effectiveness of a third jab happened in September.

Ip received two doses of the Sinovac vaccine in March, and her antibodies level dropped to 59 in September. She received a booster jab of the BioNTech vaccine on September 20, after which her antibodies level reached 23,000.

She said that her antibodies level dropped to 15345.6 in October, and that it is expected to fall to less than 10,000 by next March.

"As the experts said, a drop of antibodies is inevitable, but having a relatively higher level of antibodies is always more advantageous," Ip said.

She also asked the netizens if she has become slimmer.

"If you are interested in keeping fit, you might want to consider politics," she joked.