Speaking on a radio program, Ho Pak-leung, the head of Hong Kong University’s Centre for Infection, said that vaccines are effective on teenagers aged between 12 and 15. Over 90 percent of Covid-19 vaccines are still effective after half a year.

For those who have infected coronavirus and recovered, only one dose of BioNTech is enough, Ho added.

“In the past ten days, most of the new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong arrived from Southeast Asian countries,” he said.

“The pandemic in the Philippines has rebounded.”

He suggested the government analyze the pandemic and recent cases in the Philippines. It should consider banning people from the Philippines from entering Hong Kong temporarily.

“The batch of BioNTech vaccines with defective packaging delayed over 100,000 residents from receiving the second jabs,” William Chui Chun-ming, president at the Society of Hospital Pharmacists, said on another radio programme.

Chui also asked the pharmaceutical factory to apologize and recall the related vaccines as soon as possible. It should vacate the warehouse for supplying new vaccines, restoring the public’s confidence.