Anti-epidemic Coordination Group and 13 task groups set up to strengthen the command structure

A coordination group overseen by the Chief Executive is established for enhancing the command structure to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. The government has also set up 13 task groups and solution teams to strengthen and expedite the decision-making process to ensure the accurate implementation of anti-epidemic measures.

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu chaired anti-epidemic meetings two days in a row to enhance the structure of the anti-epidemic system. The meeting decided to establish the Command and Coordination Group (CCG), chaired by the CE, to cope with the evolving epidemic situation and effectively coordinate different policy bureaux to respond swiftly.

Under the CCG, there are 13 task groups or solution teams that focus on specified issues or areas, each of which to be led by a Principal Official or Head of Department, to formulate specific measures or plans and liaise with different bureaux and departments to solve problems together.

Those task groups or teams included Task Group on Epidemic Control Measures; Task Group on Anti-epidemic Technology; Task Group on Designated Quarantine Hotels; Task Group on Testing; Task Group on Community Isolation Facilities; Task Group on Anti-epidemic Transportation; Task Group on Anti-epidemic Publicity; Task Group on Vaccination; Task Group on Mobilisation of Civil Servants; Task Group on Liaison with the Mainland; Task Group on Sewage Surveillance; Task Group on Residential Care Homes; and Solution Team for Major Events.

Lee said, "The government will continue to formulate targeted anti-epidemic strategies taking into account the epidemic developments and scientific analysis so as to achieve the greatest effects with the lowest costs, thereby protecting the lives and health of citizens while minimising the impact on normal social activities.

He added that the enhanced anti-epidemic command structure will strengthen and expedite the decision-making process, enabling more effective commands to ensure the accurate implementation of anti-epidemic measures.