Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authorities (HKEAA) said in a blog that it was the third year that the exams were staged amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, the development this year was more severe than that in the last two years.

Under coordination between the Education Bureau and various government departments, HKEAA set up exam centers in Penny’s Bay again. Over the last three weeks, 18 students subjected to compulsory quarantine and 26 infected with Covid finished the exams of 16 subjects there, according to HKEAA.

Health authorities also arranged priority testing for students and exam staff living in areas that were locked down, minimizing the Covid rules’ impact to them.

HKEAA continued that they set up over 520 exam halls and about 400 exam classrooms at 435 schools throughout the city, as well as over 77 special exam venues dedicated to students with special education needs.

The authority then extended gratitude towards the support and cooperation of schools, teachers, exam staff and students, so that the exams were staged safely and orderly amid the pandemic.

It reminded that there are still the practical exams for P.E. and Music subjects and added they will continue to provide an appropriate exam environment for the students.