70-year-old woman swindled out of HK$14m in ‘government official’ phone scam

A 70-year-old woman lost HK$14 million in yet another fake “government official” telephone scam.

The woman filed a report to the police last Thursday, telling officers that she had received several cold calls in September, with the callers claiming to be government officials from the Department of Health and from mainland law enforcement agencies.

The “official” then told the woman that she was accused of violating the city’s Covid rules, and was involved in a criminal case that occurred on the mainland, before the scammer proceeded to ask her to provide details of her bank account to help with the investigation.

The woman later suspected she was being defrauded after discovering her HK$14 million savings were gone.

The case is now handled by the Sha Tin District crime investigation team, and no arrests have been made so far.