106-Year-Old Fundraiser Gets The Prime Minister's Honour In UK

Joan Willett walked 17 miles ahead of her 104th birthday to raise 60,000 pounds (roughly ₹ 6100,600) for the British Heart Foundation.

A British centenarian woman has demonstrated that age is no barrier to doing good charitable work. The 106-year-old Joan Willett, who overcame two heart attacks, is an amazing person for more reasons than just her astonishing age.

When most people would have chosen to relax and recuperate at this age and after experiencing significant health issues like cardiac arrest, Mrs Willett raised 60,000 pounds (roughly ₹ 6100,600) for those suffering from heart-related illnesses.

The Metro reported that Mrs Willett, a former teacher who had survived a heart attack in her 80s, used her second chance at life to help others and earn money for charity. She was motivated to use her everyday workout to support heart research after seeing Captain Tom on TV during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And now just ahead of her 107th birthday, she's received a Points of Light Award from the prime minister, given to ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their community.

According to the British Heart Foundation, Joan Willett won the nation's heart by walking more than 17 miles up and down a hill outside her Hastings care home during lockdown leading up to her 104th birthday, raising over 60,000 pounds (roughly ₹ 6100,600) for our lifesaving research in the process.

Dr. Charmaine Griffiths, our chief executive of the British Heart Foundation, said: "Joan is such an exceptional person. Her incredible fundraising for the BHF during the pandemic touched all of our hearts, and it's just wonderful to see her recognised by the Prime Minister and the Points of Light awards.

"Having been a heart patient herself, she knows just how important research is, and the 60,000 pounds she raised will fund more research to help countless others live long and fulfilling lives-just like Joan."

According to Mrs Willett, she underwent bypass surgery and had a heart valve replaced to help her live to 100 and beyond. She now wants to see others have the same opportunity.