Young hiker dies after being struck by lightning in Sha Tin

A 23-year-old man who went hiking in Sha Tin while the Thunderstorm Warning was in effect died on Saturday after he was struck by lightning and fell into a coma.

The man was hiking with four other friends at Nui Po Shan east of Sha Tin when he was suspectedly being struck by lightning and fell into a coma at 9.41am.

His friends immediately reported to police and the man was rushed to Eastern Hospital by Government Flying Service but in vein. He was later pronounced dead.

Records showed that the mountain Nui Po Shan was named after the frequent lightning on its peak, with the word “Nui” sharing a similar pronunciation with the Chinese character for thunder.

The Observatory issued the Thunderstorm Warning at 1.45am and was extended until 1pm, while the Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal was canceled at 11.30am.

The weather station advised citizens to seek safe shelter, keep away from highly conductive objects like trees, and not to stand on high grounds when staying outdoor.