Young entrepreneurs receive HK$1.4mn funding to grow live broadcasting app businesses

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Two students of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education received HK$1.4 million fund from Science Park to start a business for their mobile app which can live stream sports games in multi-camera.

Under the booming online live streaming, Trevor Lam Cheuk-fung, 23, and Mo Tang Chun-wo, 26, create a mobile app called MixTra-Cam and set up a startup company.

Connected to up to 10 smartphones, the “MixTra-Cam” can support multi-camera live streaming for multiple users at one time. The operator can manage live content and modes from different cameras on one mobile phone or tablet to selecting and pausing live feeds, adjusting sound, and adding Augment Reality (AR) effects, infographics or subtitles to the screen.

With the help of 5G technology, the live video can be uploaded to eight live platforms at one time including YouTube and Facebook.

“The advantage of MixTra-Cam is that you only need a smartphone to operate and edit,” said Lam.

Their innovation has received over HK$1.4 million from the Incu-Tech Program of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks to support their business development. The duo made a name for themselves in public competitions when they studied software and engineering in IVE, including the 5th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

They partnered with a fitness center to broadcast four Muay Thai fights live with MixTra-Cam last year, attracting 40,000 people to watch.

Besides live streaming a 3x3 basketball tournament at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, they were invited by an online shopping platform to live stream cooking and promoting products.

After several trials with different partners, they gradually improved the system, including the new function of sharing phone screens and simplifying the design of User Experience (UX).