The 21-year-old jobless man and the 16-year-old female student were arrested for trafficking in dangerous drug.

Police received intelligence that some people have been hiding drugs in public estate units, and mounted an operation last night after investigation.

Officers were mobilized to the Tai Yuen Estate yesterday and intercepted the 21-year-old man outside a unit, finding 1.5kg of suspected methamphetamine, “ice” drug, in a paper bag he was holding.

They then searched the unit where he lives and found 6kg of “ice” drug in a red, white and blue nylon bag. The 16-year-old girl was at the scene as well.

The two, believed to be a couple, were arrested and remanded in custody. The man was charged with trafficking in dangerous drug and will appear in Fanling Magistrates' Courts tomorrow.

Police predicted the warehouse in public housing estate has been running for about one to two months. They are now investigating the source of the drug and added more arrests may be made in the future.

Officers also reminded youngsters not to be fooled and used by criminal for the little easy money they hope to make. The police also warned that the maximum penalty for trafficking in dangerous drug carries life imprisonment and a HK$5 million fine upon conviction.