The amount is estimated assuming each ticket costs drivers HK$320.

During an operation on Tuesday, 1,303 tickets were issued and 10 vehicles causing serious traffic congestion were towed away.

The police's mobile video team checked various traffic black spots in the area, identifying 105 vehicles during the operation.

In addition, the police have issued 256 summonses for jaywalking on Hong Kong Island and New Territories North on Monday and Tuesday.

During the operation in Hong Kong Island on Tuesday, 74 summonses were issued for those who ignored traffic lights and those who crossed roads outside permitted pathways.

In New Territories North, police issued 182 summonses in the two days on illegal road crossings and prosecuting some who climbed over fences or barriers.

The police reminded that the public should cross the road with legal crossing facilities, and always follow the traffic lights and pay close attention to the road conditions.

They will continue to take appropriate enforcement actions regularly against various pedestrian or traffic violations to ensure the safety of road users.