The device was detonated around 5.30pm today. A bang and white fumes emanated from the phone booth after it was detonated by a wheelbarrow robot - a robot used for bomb disposal.

A resident reported the finding to police at 3.49pm today after spotting two rectangular packages in the size of a palm in the phone booth. There were wires attached to the circuit board and a noise emitted from the packages. There was also powder stored in the packages, according to sources.

Police and firemen soon arrived at the scene, as did officers from the Counter Terrorism Response Unit. Around 20 merchants in the area were evacuated, according to Kwai Tsing district councilor Lam Siu-fai.

The operation was led by Kwai Tsing District Commander John Tse Chun-chung, who was once the chief superintendent of police's public relations branch. Officers then mobilized the wheelbarrow robot to approach the phone booth and detonated the suspected bomb. An officer wrapped in protective suit then approached the phone booth and confirmed that no other device was left unhandled.

The case is now handed over to the police. Officers from the bomb squad will also examine the residue remained following the detonation.

The fast lane of Wo Yi Hop Road (Castle Peak Road - Kwai Chung bound) near Ta Chuen Ping Street was briefly closed by the Transport Department due to the incident and has since reopened, but the slow lanes of the road remain closed to all traffic.