According to the dashcam video, the attack took place at a car park near Fly Dragon Terrace on Tin Hau Temple Road. The officer was running out from behind a white vehicle as he was being chased by the boar. The boar threw itself onto the cop, making him lose his balance and causing him to fall to the ground.

The boar didn't stop its rampage and charged at the police officer at least three times with its mouth open, trying to sink its teeth into the cop, while the latter was trying to get up and shield himself.

The cop then sneaked into a narrow gap between two vehicles to dodge the strike of the boar, which also squeezed itself through the gap.

After a few seconds, the cop showed up on the screen again and made his escape, hidden by the vehicles. The boar noticed the police officer as he was running for his life and tailed him, the video ends at this point.

The boar, trying desperately to escape after attacking the police officer, then plunged 10 meters to its death.

The police officer was bleeding heavily from 15cm wounds on his right leg and hips. He was treated at Queen Mary Hospital and underwent surgery.