Speaking on a Bloomberg program on Monday, the Hong Kong leader said the SAR government has been in close discussion with the mainland authorities over the reopening of borders.

With a “very high vaccination rate” set as a precondition of the reopening of borders, Lam admitted Hong Kong is still falling behind on her goal of reaching a 75 percent vaccination rate, particularly among the old people.

She also hoped there would be a second meeting with mainland authorities soon to push for an earlier resumption of cross-border activities.

However, when asked if the city would reopen its borders to international travelers once it reaches a 75 percent jab rate, Lam admits that the city may still remain closed even if it achieves the jab rate goal.

She stressed that the SAR is “working very hard to resume normal travel in a gradual and orderly manner with both with the mainland China and overseas places.”

She also added that she, as the Chief Executive, is bounded by duty to protect her people from suffering from any fatalities.