"I think it's a great visual to show how much he's lying to us. I'm surprised there aren't more, to tell you the truth. It's from 2017 till current. I know it's supposed to be the impact of how many lies there are, but I think there could be more," quipped visitor Amanda Bertacci

The tens of thousands of lies on display have all been fact-checked by The Washington Post.

Each lie is organised into 15 colour-coded subject matters that range from coronavirus to taxes and many more.

"I think that whoever thought this up is awesome because it just communicates just how much he's lied, in a really intense way. And it's colour coded, so you know what it's about, what it's in relation to. It just makes it that much more ludicrous how often he's lied," stated visitor Alex Salmon.

Alongside the mural, a voter registration booth was set up by the grassroots voting activists known as 'Rep Your Block.'