Uruguayans Plead for Rain as Main Reservoir Runs Dry

Uruguayans are praying for rain as the main reservoir for the capital Montevideo is running low on water due to a severe drought in the region.

The Canelon Grande reservoir has only ten days of water left, affecting the supply to thousands of households and leading to poor water quality.

Low rainfall and high temperatures across South America have triggered the drought, affecting crops in Argentina and causing steep farm losses.

The water deficit in Uruguay is the worst in 74 years, according to officials.

The water levels in the Paso Severino reservoir, which serves more than half of Uruguay's 3.5 million people, are at "historical lows".

The public water company has been mixing supplies with water from the River Plate estuary, resulting in unusually high levels of sodium and chlorides.

Street demonstrations are planned in the capital on Wednesday as public anger over water shortages builds.