Speaking in a National Day reception, Lam cited the fact sheet issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last Friday, which has set out 102 items in five broad categories of the United States’ interference in Hong Kong affairs.

They included enacting Hong Kong-related acts, imposing sanctions, making unfounded charges against HKSAR affairs, shielding and supporting those who are opposed to China and colluding with allies to exert pressure on China.

Lam said today that Hong Kong has faced unprecedented challenges and experienced difficult and dark days in the past two years, especially during the anti-fugitive unrest in the second half of 2019.

“A small number of anti-China individuals have participated and exaggerated illegal and violent acts under the guise of the news media, publishing information distorted and discredited the government, biased reports, and even fake news," Lam said.

She said that the fact sheet clearly showed that the chaos in Hong Kong was not accidental, but a result from deliberate attempts.

"The riots were portrayed as a reflection of Hong Kong's deep-rooted problems and that they could be solved through democratic reform and political dialogue, which I am afraid was a trap made by foreign forces," Lam said.

Lam also said that as China's development has reached a new stage, Hong Kong can enjoy unlimited opportunities to develop and prosper with the country as long as it actively integrates into the overall development of the country.